Inflation Busting Grow Your Money Planner
This amazing planner takes you through the complete 20-week journey to help you Grow Your Money smartly. 

  • You get to have everything in one place and actually take action. 
  • You learn what actually works and action everything at your own pace. 
  • Plus, you own this exclusive planner, which also includes new never seen content. 


  • 20 weeks of learning in a Beautiful planner with almost 250 pages of learning and action steps to grow your money. 
  • It's a fully editable PDF for various devices including mobile so you can save your work as you complete your planner action steps. 
  • Each week has activities including new never seen before sections in the planner to help you grow your money. 
  • All 20 lessons teach you using real-life examples but better than that, each week is accompanied by exercises from our experience. 
  • Discounted Value Bundle is available if you want to buy this with the 'Take Control Planner' at checkout. 

Here is what happens over the 20 weeks of the Grow Your Money Planner: 

Week 1: Wish I Knew This About Making Money 

Week 2: Creating Your Income Plan 

Week 3: Join the 6% Making £1,000+ p/m Extra Income 

Week 4: How to Choose Your Ideal Side Hustle 

Week 5: Earn Your First Passive Income 

Week 6: Passive Income Ideas By Age (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s...) 

Week 7: Monetise Your Knowledge With eBooks 

Week 8: Affiliate Marketing For Beginners To Make Money 

Week 9: Help Others and Get Paid Coaching 

Week 10: How to ACTUALLY Start Coaching (PART 2 of 2) 

Week 11: Make Money Blogging For Impact 

Week 12: 10 Ways to Monetise a Blog 

Week 13: Make Recurring Monthly Income With Memberships 

Week 14: Start a YouTube Channel For Passive Income 

Week 15: YouTube vs Blogging (which is better?) 

Week 16: How I Got a £35,000 Raise/Pay Rise  

Week 17: Investing For Beginners: How Money Works On Money 

Week 18: Understanding Investing Strategies 

Week 19: How Index Funds Work To Make You Rich 

Week 20: How To Start Investing Step-By-Step 

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